Stylish Office Storage

Stylish Office StorageLet’s face it: No matter what kind of an office environment you work in, you’re going to need storage. Storage for files, storage for supplies, storage for food, storage for personal items … the list goes on and on. But when we think of storage, we often think of cold, sterile, metal furniture. We imagine something that is boxy in shape and wholly lacking in style. But at Systems Office Furniture, we believe storage and style can coexist, and they can work with your current office décor. So let’s take a look at all of the possibilities that exist for your various storage needs. We’re confident that you can find the ideal solution that fits your storage needs without disrupting the look of your office.

Find a Place For Everything at Your Desk

It is remarkably convenient to have everything you need at your desk, rather than having to get up and walk to a supply room every time you need a staple or a paper clip. Instead of going with a run-of-the-mill storage bin or an unsightly filing cabinet, you can opt for a stylish hutch that matches your desk, right down to the smallest detail. Not only will you have a great place to store all of your files and various workspace accessories, the added height of a hutch can give you and your employees a little extra privacy when they’re in their seat. Hutches can give you the cabinets you need to keep certain items out of the way. At the same time, a hutch can also feature open-space storage for supplies you use frequently or decorations you want to put on display for all to see.

Putting a Modern-Day Spin on the Classic Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets serve one simple purpose: They give you a place to store and organize all the important paperwork you need to access on a regular basis. But the classic filing cabinet doesn’t offer much in the way of style. They’re known for being rectangular, dull, and metal, and the colors we most often associate with them are black, beige or a muted green. But filing cabinets have come a long way over the years, and now they offer a bit of form to match their function. You can get beautiful wooden filing cabinets to add an aura of sophistication to your filing system. And if you have cubicles with colorful designs, many furniture brands have filing cabinets with those same designs to create a cohesive look. And consider getting one with wheels — they make it easy to move the cabinet around or to reach something that fell behind it.

Dress Up That Drab Supply Room

Too often, a supply room functions like a basement — one that just happens to be on the same level as your office. Bare walls, massive drawers and bulky cabinets often take up residence in this area. As a result, every trip feels like a chore, and you want to get out of the supply room as quickly as possible. But when we treat this room as if it were any other part of the office, the change can be incredible. Aside from decorative touches to make the room cozier, you can elevate its look with beautiful storage options in a whole host of styles. Wood panels are a delightful way to add a splash of fashion. Or you can opt for sleek, solid colors that match your office’s look and feel. By placing just a little thought into your furniture options, your supply room could become just as popular a place as your breakroom.

Break Away from Standard Break Room Storage

When your break room doesn’t come with built-in cabinets, you have to turn to free-standing storage options. Too often, your solution is functional, but uninspired — as if management doesn’t actually want employees to spend time there. But with a few smart choices, you can dress up your break room with inexpensive, high-quality storage options that satisfy your need to keep things out of sight while simultaneously giving the room a stylish, modern look. You can go with decorative, wooden armoires as a possibility for items that need to be stored out of sight, as well as open storage pieces that for items that require easier access. There’s also a large variety of stylish cabinets and shelves that can be hung to maximize your storage space and floor space.

Professional Storage Can Have a Personal Touch

Don’t just settle for storage that simply keeps your supplies in order. Your office has a personality of its own, and your storage choices present an opportunity for that personality to shine through. Look into something that works well with your décor while still giving you all the room you need to keep your sundries in order. At Systems Office Furniture, our knowledgeable team will work with you to help you find the perfect storage pieces for your office. Before long, you’ll have storage to be proud of. Your employees are going to be happy with the change, and your clients will be impressed.