The Benefits Of Cubicles 

Does your office need a boost in functionality?  Try adding cubicles.  Not every employee can have the luxury of the corner office with windows and a view.  The fact is, your business may have many employees and in the typical building, there are only four corners, of which, your offices may only occupy one or two.  Still, some employees would like the luxury of their own office space.  An inexpensive alternative to that is to equip the work space you have with cubicles. 


The following are just a few of the benefits that investing in new or used cubicles can provide. If you're seeking used cubicles, come check our stock at our warehouse in Houston.


Privacy:  Cubicles remove outside distractions and provide a sound barrier so that workers can concentrate, but they can be a little isolating.  Try this when redesigning your office space.  Instead of each person having their own cubicle, create work areas where small groups of people who typically work in teams can be stationed.  This will give the team privacy without isolating them individually.  It also allows the members to brainstorm together, be aware of other aspects of the project, and create better team players while removing outside distractions.  It motivates members of the team to be more productive because they are working side-by-side with each other, both allowing one member’s momentum to move the other members forward, and also providing a sense of checks and balances.


Décor:  Cubicles allow for personalization of a space without the clutter of many differing tastes and styles.  In an open office space, it is typical for employees to have a picture or two and a trinket on the desk.  However, cubicles confine that space somewhat. This allows employees to decorate their workspace without it clashing with the overall office décor. An individual or group of individuals gathered in that area can choose to add a small area rug, plant, or maybe even a motivational picture.  It also gives them the versatility of adding other types of office furniture, such as shelving and an idea board, making that space a place they want to be. As a result, it promotes a positive work environment.


Organization: Cubicles allow for better organization for several reasons.  Locally, an employee is given a small space, but in order to keep that space functional, they must organize it to fit their workflow.  Globally, cubicles offer an opportunity to organize an entire office and the people within it.  For example, you could build the cubicles around a conference table promoting the idea of the group hub where all join at the center. 


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Cost:  Unlike traditional walls, cubicles are cost efficient in many ways.  Once you have a wall built, it is there to stay unless you invest in removing the wall and building another.  However, a cubical is a panel system that allows for versatility.  As your office grows and your workforce increases, you can rearrange the panels to make room for those employees.  Where do you get the added space?  Companies are finding that, as technology improves, less floor space is required for filing systems and bulky copy machines and the cubicles in which those items were formerly stored can easily be rearranged to create work spaces for the new employees. 


In addition, used cubicles can help reduce the cost of outfitting your office even further. At Systems Office Furniture, we sell gently used cubicles for any budget. Come visit our showroom to see our selection of new and used cubicles in Houston.