Decrease Your Environmental Footprint:

Buy or Sell Your Used Office Furniture


If you are reading this, you have either decided to buy new office furniture and want to get rid of your old office furniture or are considering buying used office furniture.  Systems Office Furniture, Inc. can help you with either scenario.  Buying or selling used furniture offers several benefits, the most attractive of which may be financial benefits, and if that’s what brought you here, we’re glad you found us.  However, far more important than the financial benefits that can be gained from buying or selling used office furniture are the environmental benefits that you contribute to.


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 8.8 million tons of usable office equipment arrives at landfills every year.  This impacts us all.  Landfills cause three major problems. First, underground gas, highly comprised of methane, develops in landfills and migrates beyond the landfill into residential and commercial areas.  Second, surface emissions containing carbon dioxide, methane gas, and other hazardous air pollutants impact public health and increase global warming.  Third, unpleasant orders emit from landfills and float to nearby neighbourhoods.  You can avoid contributing to this by making the choice to recycle or reuse your old office furniture.


In some cases where the furniture has become highly used, the preferred, environmentally friendly, option is to recycle it, but recycling requires that the used office furniture go through an extensive process to separate the raw materials.  First, workers have to separate larger pieces.  Then it is then crushed into smaller parts, and the materials are further sorted by hand.  Once complete separated, it is taken to recycling locations for repurposing.


Sometimes, however, used office furniture has a lot of life left.  In this case, your best choice is to sell it to a company like Systems Office Furniture, Inc. that will clean it and refurbish it to look like new.  Office furniture depreciates most in the first few years of use, but otherwise, it does well to maintain its resale value.  That value can be added to your company’s assets when you chose to resale your office furniture. 


Environmentally, though, it has another benefit.  When companies manufacture new office furniture, they increase the demand for natural resources.  Office furniture is made of several types of material including wood, metals, and plastics, all of which have to be taken from the earth.  This leads to habitat destruction, deforestation, and global warming.  The process of manufacturing also causes pollution in the form of carbon emissions that impact our ozone layer. 


Whether you are getting rid of used office furniture or making an office furniture purchase, Systems Office Furniture. Inc. is the best solution for you and the environment.  We provide both new and used brand name products at affordable prices and carry every type of office furniture including cubicles or panel systems, office chairs, computer desks, conference tables, book cases, and filing cabinets.  All our products are professionally cleaned and in like new condition.  We can design your office, deliver the furniture, and set it up in your space. Let us help you complete the task of buying or selling your office furniture, so you can move forward in your business.