Selecting the Right Tables for Your Office



No matter what type of business you own, office tables are a necessity for holding conferences, conducting work involving projects too large for desks, or providing a suitable place for your employees to take their lunch. However, you should keep a few things in mind when choosing office tables for your business. 


What is their purpose?  Are you looking for a conference table or a break room table?  Will you or other office members use it to perform tasks with large amounts of paperwork?  If so, take a look at our wide variety of conference, training, occasional, cafe, and guest tables.  We carry everything from low profile coffee tables for seating areas to multi-purpose work tables. 


What is the approximate number of people the table will need to seat?  If you conduct training or hold orientations, then you may want to consider our used training tables.  Having a table that is too small doesn’t allow all attendees the space necessary to write or spread out working materials.  Our used training tables that come in several sizes, with both fixed or folding legs, which are the perfect solution for this common space issue.  Many of our tables are mobile and can be nested for easy storage.   


What do you want the table to say about your office?  Your conference table style suggests different management structures. For example, long tables with clear “head of table” seating like the 10’, 15’, or 20’ used Racetrack table with center electrical feed promotes a hierarchy management style where the main players generally sit at the far ends.  On the other hand, the used wood rectangular conference tables suggests more equality and focus in the office.  To determine the seating capacity, the general rule is one seat per foot with a seat at each end. We would be happy to help guide you in the right direction when purchasing your new or used office tables.  





Need Storage?  We Have The Solution



Systems Office Furniture, Inc. carries a full line of used filing and storage cabinets.  Take a look at some of the products and brand names we carry.



Lateral file cabinets: If you have the wall space and the need for a lot of room for filing, choose a lateral files. These wide files hold both letter and legal documents side-by-side. Their narrow depth requires little space to open, leaving plenty of walk-through room if placed along an aisle wall.  We carry sturdy metal two, three, four, and five-drawer used lateral files by Hon, Meridian, Haworth, Knoll, Steelcase, Kimball, and AllSteel. For extra security, choose a four or five-drawer used fire proof file cabinet by Schwab 5000. These come in both black and putty.  For a nice wood finish, you can purchase Geiger’s smaller two-drawer used filing cabinet or Timberline’s three-drawer.



Portable file cabinets: For a portable vertical file cabinet, we carry two-drawer used cabinets by Knoll and Allsteel. These mobile cabinets have wheels for easy relocation to any area in the office and tuck nicely under a desk or table.  The Allsteel version has a padded cushioned top for added seating. In some cases we have replaced that fabric on the seat with different companies provided logo to give the office a more personalized feel. 

                                               storage1                                             storage2

Storage cabinets: For office supply storage, choose a 36” sturdy used metal cabinet by Steelcase  or by Knoll.  We also offer a slightly larger 42” used metal cabinet by Haworth.



Buffets: Add style to your office by selecting our used buffet table storage solutions.  We carry a variety of brands like National, Knoll, Creative Wood, Hooker, and Bernhardt.  Most of our Buffets come in laminate with a wood look.  The Hooker and Bernhardt, however, are a sophisticated Mahogany hardwood. storage5


Book shelves: Our used book shelves include Creative Woods’ used laminate four-shelf with additional storage underneath and Haworth’s Crossings Mobile three-shelf.  Haworth’s Crossings has wheels for easy mobility and an attractive brushed aluminium finish with painted cherry finish shelves. 



Filing and storage cabinets are a necessity for every office. At Systems Office Furniture, Inc. we carry a variety of both new and used office storage solutions to suit your needs.