Style, Function, and Desks That Have Both



The old adage says that you only get one chance to make a first impression. The same can be said about your office. Your desks should make a good impression. In addition to selecting office desks that add style, consider their function. First, organized workspaces lower office clutter.  Second, your employees spend countless hours in that workspace, making comfort and function important to promote a steady workflow. Systems Office Furniture, Inc. carries a variety of used desks that will complement your style, comfort, and workflow. 


L-shaped desks:  Attractive and functional, L-shaped desks work in almost any office.  We carry both left and right handed used L-shaped.  The 6’ by 7’ size provides plenty of workspace, a hutch, two-drawer filing pedestal, and locks for secure storage.  Our 6’ by 6’ used L-shaped reception desk has three filing drawers, two smaller box drawers, a pencil drawer, side hutch, and a front privacy divider with a flat top writing surface.


U-shaped desk:  For productivity and storage, U-shaped desks can’t be beat. They provide maximum work space and ample storage, putting your employee’s supplies within reach. Both our left and right handed used U-shaped desks have an open work space, allowing face-to-face meetings with clients.  Our National brand has one vertical and two lateral filing drawers, two desk-top hutches with task lights, and one 30” storage tower.  We also carry 6’ by 8.5’ used U-shape desks with two lateral filing drawers.


Desk sets:  If you are looking for a desk and credenza set, we have a large variety to choose from. Many with different wood finishes. Our new lines will allow you to tailor your exact need to establish that executive feel.


Sit/stand desk: Sitting at a workspace for many hours puts pressure on the back. Standing relieves the pressure, allows for more movement, and encourages employee alertness and productivity. The adjustable Steelcase Electric sit/stand desks allow your employee to either sit or stand. These desks have plenty of workspace, locking mobile two-drawer filing pedestal with fabric top seating, a monitor arm, and organization attachment.


If you believe any of these desks would complement your office, contact Systems Office Furniture, Inc. to speak with a representative.



Used Office Chairs: Money Isn’t Always the Bottom Line



When considering office comfort, seating is paramount for both clients and employees.  The right seating eliminates discomfort and increases productivity.  It could, in fact, determine the mood of the office.  Before buying your office chairs, take a look at what we have to offer.


Ergonomic chairs: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, musculoskeletal disorders were responsible for 33% of injury and illness in the workplace. Ergonomic chairs lower this risk by weighing the type of work done with the tools used to complete tasks.  Systems Office Furniture, Inc. carries a selection of used ergonomic chairs that can reduce discomfort and injury, decreasing absenteeism and promoting productivity.  Our durable ergonomic chairs have adjustable height, arm, and backs.  The E-Chair, Work Pro Quantum, and OfficeMaster offer both comfort and value.  The top of the line Herman Miller comes in two sizes.  For a mid-grade chair, consider Knoll’s Generation and Regeneration.


Executive chairs:  Most of our executive chairs have ergonomic features.  The Nightingale CXO has an added adjustable head rest feature, and the Neinkamper and High Back Executive both have luxury and style at a valued price.


Reception chairs: For your reception area, we have both chair and couch seating options. The sturdy Davis Webb luxury guest chair has a high back with a built in writing surface.  For a matching set, consider the Paoli club chair and Pseudo reception couch.  Both have metal arms and the look and feel of leather.  For style and comfort choose our Ethan Allen couch.


Guest chairs:  Our huge guest chair selection offers variety that should satisfy your need for both office and reception seating. Many of our guest chairs are available in sizable quantities to create uniformity in larger offices.  Knoll Ricchio, National, David Edward Reinhard, Taylor, Geiger, HBF, Jofco, Hon, and Ethan Allen have wood frames in a variety of fabric colors. For a metal chair, consider Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Steelcase, Dauphin, and Chromcraft. 


Stack chairs:  Stack chairs, a valued choice, are comfortable lightweight chairs that stack into each other, making storage easy. We carry a large selection of brand name designs both with and without arm rests.


Task chairs:  Like our ergonomic chairs, many of our used task chairs have ergonomic features such as seat, arm, and height adjustments. These easy to maneuver chairs made by companies like Steelcase, Body Built, Knoll, National Office, Haworth, Teknion, Kimball, Allsteel, and Hon come in a variety of colors.


Conference chairs: Our high quality used conference chairs provide comfort and back support necessary for sitting through long meetings.  


Cafe chairs:  Durable and easy to clean, used cafe chairs allow for seating at high tables and desks like the sit/stand desk.  All have sturdy metal frames and backs for support and comfort. 


To get brand name used office chairs at valued prices, contact Systems Office Furniture, Inc.