7.5'x8' Haworth Premise Enhanced Used Cubicles

7.5'x8' Haworth Premise Enhanced Used Cubicles

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The Haworth Premise Enhanced Cubicle is the expanded version of the popular cubicle system, the Haworth Premise.  The Haworth Premise was designed with a deep consideration of its potential users.  The core concepts the Premise was engineered around include design aesthetic, application freedom, and technological advancement.  These cubicles are paneled systems that age gracefully and include features that anticipate your tech needs.


Haworth, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of office furniture that was established as Modern Products in 1948. Since its inception, Haworth has shown offices around the world quality office furniture products that represent the forefront of office design and function.

Condition: 8-9

Age: 2007 

Trim: Caulk        

Fabric: Landscape C2-AH Harvest 


Features include:

  • 1 - 64"x42" Monolithic Panel
  • 5 - 64"x48" Monolithic Panel
  • 1 - 48"x24" Rectangular Work Surface
  • 1 - 42"x24" Rectangular Work Surface
  • 1 - 48"x48" Corner Work Surface
  • 1 - 42" Overhead with Task Light
  • 1 - 48" Open Shelf
  • 1 - Box/box/file

    WP2 Cubicle G
    WP2 Cubicle B
    WP2 Cubicle C
    WP2 Cubicle D
    WP2 Cubicle E
    WP2 Cubicle F

*Shipping method varies in conjunction with location and volume. Your sales representative will be happy to provide you a quote with shipping options.

*Cubicle pricing is subject to change based on the customer's desired layout.






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